Earth 12: Where the Jellyfish Are

Earth 12: Where the Jellyfish Are


Ronnie Siegel
Los Angeles, CA, United States


January 29, 2019

Uncommon Storm Waters

For generations, we have been taught in school about “geologic” time and have come to think of it as something mystical and grander than our practical […]
January 22, 2019

Metal Straws and Plant Based Nutrition

Metal Straws and Plant Based Nutrition: I am Little Big Eagle from the Chowanoke Nation based in Ahoskie, North Carolina and had the privilege to carry […]
November 21, 2018

Saving the Planet Begins at Home

  I received Ronnie’s Globe #12, “Where the Jelly Fish Are”, at a Fulbright meeting at LMU on the west side of Los Angeles around Thanksgiving […]
September 20, 2018

The Story of Carry the EARTH

My thoughts and environmental concerns: My biggest environmental concern is climate change because it can unleash natural forces that humanity may never be able to reverse. […]

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